Meet our little Squid!

IMG_1983You’ll have to forgive my blogging absence- I have a very good excuse! On November 19, 2012 at 10:26am my husband and I welcomed our little boy, Cedric, into the world. Weighing in at almost 9 lbs, all of the fears voiced by others about veganism causing our baby to fail to thrive were put to rest. By the time he left the hospital he had regained his birth weight (babies will lose weight immediately after birth and then regain it slowly) and by the time he was one month old he was weighing in at nearly 11 lbs! He is the healthiest, happiest little boy I could ever wish for.

Our lives have literally been turned upside-down in a night and it feels as though this past 6 weeks have been one extended day. Blogging, as you can imagine, has become increasingly difficult but I look forward to picking it back up again now that I’m starting to get into a little more of a routine with the baby. I will continue to post about pregnancy (even though we’re long past that at this point) as I know I have friends out there wondering what a vegan pregnancy looks like, and I will also be writing about my experiences raising a brand new vegan baby!

I feel so blessed to be able to give Cedric a life that begins in love and gentleness, and I pray that he reaps all of the health benefits that this lifestyle has to offer as well. I look forward to an amazingly unpredictable year!

Happy new year everyone!

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  1. The best birthday present any two mom’s ever got! But then, why wouldn’t he be? YOU are one of the best presents God ever blessed me with.
    Very excited to see you blogging again…whenever Cedric allows 😀 <3

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