Writing in rainbows

I am definitely a paper-and- pen kinda gal. So when I journal, or write in my planner, I LOVE to treat myself to bright, vibrant colors 😍 Every serious notebook-addict has one kind of pen that really does it for them. I remember my mom writing in beautiful sweeping script with ballpoint pen growing up  (she’s definitely at the root of my love) ❤️ When I saw my favorite brand on clearance yesterday (in these BEAUTIFUL colors) I almost wept with joy!!! These are going to good use starting TODAY!!!

Do you have a favorite pen you like to use? 

An abundance of oats

Wait. You mean you DON’T buy your oatmeal 10 lbs at a time?!? Well this is embarrassing… 

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When your child doesn’t want to eat…

Tonight was a typical night at our place tonight! Ced tried the obligatory bites of his dinner and then declared that he wasn’t interested in any more food. Except leftover birthday cake, of course! There’s always room for that 😉

So we compromised and agreed to make one of his favorite stand-bys: a smoothie. And I knew just the one to make! We tried the new Vegan Vanilla Shakeology and oh, my LORD it is delicious!!!! Like liquid vanilla cake batter 😍 Our kiddo is LOVING it! And thank God because, truthfully, if it wasn’t for this shake I think he would have given up on eating ANYTHING tonight 😂 Anyone else have a picky eater among them? Any tips or tricks out there?


Another year, another journal

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to journal. I have tons of notebooks, filled with ideas, reflections, notes, prayers, thoughts, dreams, and achievements. Most precious to me is a little blue notebook that I started last year, which held all my personal development notes, and things which I held most dear, like pictures, my number from my Tough Mudder Run, my research notes for theater productions I’m working on, and workshop notes from my first Beachbody Summit! And two weeks ago, I left it on the train. 

I realized immediately what had happened. I stood helplessly watching the train pull away, I took a picture of the train, talked to the station, called Penn Station, but, as of yesterday, I realized that I have to let it go. It’s not coming back into my life, so I need to release it and move on.

So today, I bought myself a new notebook. Only this time, it’s made to sync electronically with Evernote. So I will never lose my work again 😍 Technology meets pen and paper? Yes, please!!

#liveandlearn #opportunitiesforgrowth #letgo #notebookaddict #evernote #technologyrocks 

Feeling like a superhero

Just finished a spin class over lunch! I feel a little bit like a superhero these days- changing into my workout clothes, dashing to the gym, pushing myself like crazy for 30 minutes, running back to the office, changing my clothes, and getting on a phone call as if nothing had even taken place…not gonna lie- it’s not easy, but it feels REALLY good to know that I’m making progress towards my goals!!

When the naysayers are in your head…

The mind really is a crazy thing. 1 MINUTE into my run and my legs feel heavy and awkward. 2 minutes in and I start hearing that old familiar voice telling me to just stop. Just walk. I’m too out of shape for this. Who am I kidding? I’m not a runner. It’s not like this is going to make a difference…But you know the difference between who am I now and who I used to be? I cranked the music up and kept on running. And 30 minutes later I feel AMAZING 😍 

#transformation #notjustfortuesdays #tellthatvoicetoshutit #runforyourlife #10k #veganathlete #asthmatic 

Steamed Buns and Pickled Veggies for Breakfast

When I was in grad school, Judah and I lived with a LOVELY couple from China. We became fast friends and swapped cooking styles and “recipes” every day. I crave the traditional Chinese breakfasts from those days and today I decided to treat myself to a little blast from the past 😍 Scallion steamed buns with spicy pickled vegetables ❤️ Does anyone else like their breakfast bold and savory? If so, you HAVE to try this!!

#veggiesforbreakfast #spicyfoodlover #carbsforlife

Check that one off the bucket list!

I just found out that I was selected to be a test cook for the Once a Month Meals website!!! So. Cool. I LOVE their website and am constantly in search of easy recipes that freeze well so helping to develop vegan/vegetarian meal plans for them is a dream come true 😍 Anyone else love freezer cooking?