Are you up for a challenge?

Next week it is going DOWN! Shaun T is launching Shaun Week to Beachbody On Demand on June 12th!! Shaun Week is a 7-day intensive full-body boot camp developed to motivate you to focus like you’ve never focused before, and dig deeper than you ever thought possible. If you love Insanity or T25, if you want 1 week to challenge yourself and get back on track, this is it!!

To celebrate one of my favorite fitness trainers launching this all-new program, I will be running an exclusive online accountability group starting June 12! Each day a new workout will be posted live on Beachbody on Demand, with no way to look ahead. We will all LITERALLY be taking it day by day 😅 But the AWESOME thing is, we can CRUSH it together as a group!! 

Comment below, or private message me, if you’d like into this exclusive group and please feel free to invite others who you think might be interested! It’s about to get real!!!

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